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RG Projects has a team of highly qualified project managers as well as a group of specialists in the field of technology, execution, financial, tendering, permits, etc. In previous projects we have supplied complete teams for the design, realization and commissioning of installations in the circular economy.


EmpowerMi has a team of highly qualified innovation consultants. We accelerate and facilitate projects/organizations to develop or expand their business. We are specialized in public-private funding opportunities in the field of energy, bio based economy and health.

Why should you apply the technology of Albatrozz?

Albatrozz can be a performance upgrade of new and existing wind turbines. 
The Albatrozz patent is a technology to increase lift at low wind speed up to 2 times. The technology can be used to start wind turbines at lower wind speed. For example, the cut-in speed can be reduced from 2 m/s to 1 m/s. This results in an increase of operational hours of wind turbines and thus to a higher production of renewable energy.

Retrofitting existing wind turbines

We foresee that the technology will suit retrofitting existing, smaller turbines. With Albatrozz, the output can increase, while the size of the turbines can remain the same.
This is an advantage in terms of re-using the existing parts and an advantage in the acceptance of the local residents.

Increasing the output of new turbines

The Albatrozz technology can be used in new turbines as well. Also they can benefit from earlier start-ups and more hours of power generation. We are open to discuss with wind turbine companies how this technology can suit their needs.

Optimising wind parks

The more windpower is installed, the bigger the influence is of the turbines on each other. The Albatrozz technology can be especially interesting to optimize wind turbines that get lower wind velocity due to the position in a wind park.

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